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About Us

Brand Pridebikes was born more than ten years ago. And as a child begins to learn to ride a balance bike, we started our path with a children's lineup.

Each of us has bright memories from childhood. Each of us probably remembers the very first bike and the first emotions when you learned to keep your balance and went on your own. It turns out very simple. And how much joy such trips caused!

This is exactly how we treat our work: we create bicycles to make the dreams of the smallest come true, and to remind adults that it is very easy to awaken a child inside ourselves. It's enough just to get on the bike again and understand that that joy has not gone anywhere. We just began to forget that such pleasures and a sense of freedom are still available to us. And we at Pridebikes will bring that feeling of freedom back, because the worries won't go away until you put your business on pause.


Bicycles are designed to have fun

Each of us came to Pridebikes from different jobs. But we are all united by a passion for bicycles and a desire to make them better. For reason that every client turns to us for a bike, and gets a dream come true and a product that will take away fron hassles and give many pleasant moments and fulfilled plans. And the Pridebikes team will always remind you of the pleasure that gives you a sense of liberation.

Pride is the me-time company

We see a future in which everyone has the right to a regular time for themselves. After all, there are still things in this world that always bring joy. We at Pridebikes know this for sure.

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